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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

We are a perfect example of a holistic, feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange software.

One-stop-shop for your Seamless trade over cryptocurrency exchange facilitating secure and fast transactions. With our cutting edge technologies on cryptocurrency exchange, own your independent exchange platform which unambiguously upsurge your marketing 

Our cryptocurrency exchange development services help you to exchange cash into cryptocurrency and vice-versa with minimum latency. Our experts are proficient in cryptocurrency exchange platforms with their experience of handling huge clients against distinct issues, which helps them acquire more knowledge over cryptocurrency trading and exchange scripts. Our services provide assurance for augmenting your existing cryptocurrency trading business and make your business to stand out from other exchange platform. Our team has keen on eye on developing the cryptocurrency exchange services with cutting edge internet technologies and security mechanisms depending on your business needs and budget.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

P2P Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Mobile App Development

Binance-like Exchange Development

Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Overflowing TPS (Transactions per second)

Our White label exchange software provides amazing trading experience with advanced TPS. We crowed with our delightful performance of 100,000 transactions per second which built the crypto currency exchange platform.

Powerful Trade Engine

Our trade engine has configured with inbuilt order types like a market order, limit order, stop order which is necessary for the crypto trading system, buying and selling order matches in our trade engine done with minimum time interval.

Baking hot Wallet

Our multi-cryptocurrency wallets letting secure and easy transactions for the scope of cryptocurrencies. Our exchange wallet affords easy transactions among any cryptocurrency transaction with its unique made configurations from our experts. 

Multi-layer Security

 SSL implementation and two-factor authentication for encrypted user access, additional login security, and automatic limits for fund withdrawal are the advanced security solutions leveraged by our script experts.

Market Maker

The trading engine gets optimized when a buyer is impotent in acquiring the seller to accelerate the order processing and it augments the general trading experience. This feature is significant to improve the trading experience among the customers.

API to External Exchange

Liquidity reliant on the amount that is deposited on the external account and it can be accomplished by creating the API connection with an external provider and business account. This promptly improves your business


 To verify the user's identity, geography-based KYC and AML enter into force while withdrawing huge cryptocurrencies from the exchange’s wallet. This feature helps to identify the user whether they are authenticated or not for transactions.

Margin Trading

We integrate margin trading features into your software for helping professional traders. Users can fix their margin and go for a trade to gain more profits with our intuitive website and add leverage to the investment. 

Multi-Language Support

We provide users with multi-language support with our customized white label crypto exchange to reach a global audience. This takes your cryptocurrency exchange business to a higher extent. 

Moreover, we provide all the necessary functions for multi-layer security and privacy b oth for customers and for the whole platform. Inn4Science team of security specialists make a thorough analysis and implement advanced features:

  • 1. Two Factor Authentication
  • 2. HTTP Authentication
  • 3. Jail Login
  • 4. Encrypted Data
  • 5. Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
  • 6. Anti-Denial of Service
  • 7. Anti-Distributed Denial of Service
  • 8. Server-Side Request Forgery Protection
  • 9. HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection
  • 10. Escrow System
  • 11. Multisignature Wallets
  • 12. Elliptic-curve cryptography