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Decentralized MLM Software with Smart contracts

Smart contracts can be termed as the most utilized application of blockchain technology in the current times. Using smart contracts in place of traditional ones can reduce the transaction costs significantly. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform for creating smart contracts. A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed. The transactions that happen in a smart contract processed by the blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without a third party. This means there is no one to rely on. Smart contracts are automatically executed once the conditions of the agreement are met. This means there is no need for a third party, like a bank, a broker or a government.

Decentralized MLM Software with Smart contracts

Smart contracts are capable of tracking performance in real time and can bring tremendous cost savings. Compliance and controlling happen on the fly. In order to get external information, a smart contract needs information oracles, which feed the smart contract with external information. Another advantage of blockchain technology being incorporated into smart contracts is flexibility. Developers are able to store almost any type of data within a blockchain, and they have a wide variety of transaction options to choose from during smart contract deployment. Smart contracts eliminate many operational expenses and save resources, including the personnel needed to monitor their progress.

Why Smart contracts are important In MLM Software?


They authorize trusted transactions and agreements to be transferred among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a legal system, central authority, or external enforcement mechanism.


They render transparent, traceable, and irreversible transactions.


Smart Contracts have the power to remove the counterparty risk, and with this, they make the middleman services redundant.

More Accuracy & Immutable System

Smart Contracts are immune to human error and facilitate faster business operations. Once it is in place, the code does not change. This provides a trusted environment for users.

MLM Smart Contract Development Process

Gathering the requirements

Initially, our team of experts will brainstorm with you to get detailed knowledge about your business requirement and analyze the business idea that needs to be infused in smart contract.

Technical Designing

Once we get insight about your business requirements, our knowledgeable team will make a document defining the smart contracts, create a detailed data flow diagram, the compliance requirement and deliver milestone creation.

Detailed Development

After comprehending the requirement and technical designing, our smart contract developers develop smart contract at alpha, beta level and build accurate smart contract based on your business.


Before deployment, Our quality assurance team will do in-depth testing, to check the quality of the smart contract developed and assure you that the smart contract is 100% bug-free and secure to work.

Deployment to Public Testnet

Once the quality of the developed smart contract is checked and proved to be defect free, we deploy it on the main blockchain network and will be ready to execute in your business.

Smart Contract Development & Upgradation

If there is any backlogs in the smart contract or if any updation is needed, our team of smart contract experts, including developers, QA and technical experts will continue their service to deploy a new smart contract with necessary updates.